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Wetherill Park, NSW 2164

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“We are writing to express our appreciation for your good work this year in helping Gloria in her effort to excel her dancing skills further. Thanks to the supportive and encouraging environment that you have created in your school, Gloria was able to achieve a pleasing progress in liberating her body. As you well know, working with young impressionable children places a significant responsibility on a teacher, as the process itself has implications far beyond the technical aspect of teaching. In this regard, you demonstrate qualities of an individual with high integrity able to create a trustful environment in which Gloria could progress naturally and with joy.”

- Sveta and Zoran Babic


“Nadia’s has had such a positive influence on Jack & Sophie’s development. The teacher’s are very professional and also very caring towards the kids and their needs. I would highly recommendNadia’s Performance Studio to anyone with children.”

- Mr & Mrs Bown


“…a huge congrats for the best concert ever. Girls were all gorgeous and very talented…”

- Maria & Lisa Refalo


“…Very, very, very impressed with all the performances at the Concert. You did an amazing job. We all appreciate how much effort you out in, can’t wait for a very exciting 2008!”.

- Lisa Palozzo and family


 “Congratulations. The Concert was fantastic. Well done. We really enjoyed it. Can’t wait for next year.”

- Linda, Aldo & Ashley Simonato


“….thank you for the best night of my life! Never ever experienced a concert like that before…”>

- Daniel Di Iorio


“Nadia, best concert ever! You deserve the best concert and you got it. Everyone is buzzing and loved every bit. Congratulations on the show.”>

- Renee Gauci


“My daughter was dancing at another studio for 5 years. We decided to change to Nadia’s Performance Studio. We are very happy, as my daughter has shown great improvement and has learnt many new things. She really enjoys dancing at Nadia’s. The teacher’s are very professional. We were made welcome and found it very easy to fit in with the other students.

"We are very happy here and I would highly recommend Nadia’s Performance Studio”.

- Simonato family


“Since Madeline and Jayden have joined Nadia’s Performance Studio in 2006, they have both in confidence and self esteem.

Dancing and singing gives my children lots of enjoyment, fun and exercise as well as the chance to make lots of new friends.

I recommend Nadia’s Performance Studio to anyone who wants something special for their children to do, with great teachers who are always willing to help when they can.”

- Donna Clarke


“In 2005, my then 6 year old daughter, Madeline, convinced me that she was serious in wanting to take up dancing and so I began to ask around about possible schools. A friend highly recommendedNadia's to me and I have never regretted my decision to enrol Madeline in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet classes. 

On first meeting Nadia I was immediately struck by her professionalism, enthusiasm and genuine commitment to the children’s well being. Madeline loved dance class from the very first lesson. 

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to compare and contrast Nadia's Performance Studio with other Performance Studio's and I have always felt that my decision to enrol Madeline with Nadia was the right one. The combination of professionalism and caring seems to be a difficult one to find but it is always present at Nadia's. This is a Dance school which always encourages enjoyment of dance as well as meeting all of the highest teaching standards. 

I highly recommend Nadia's Performance Studio to any parents who are considering enrolling their children in dance.”


- Gema and Rolf Goldberger


“My Daughter has been dancing since she was 2 years old, she is 14 now.

A year ago, I thought it would be better for her if she moved on from her current dance school. At the time, I was worried about making a decision of moving her from where she was doing well and taking her somewhere where she may not fit in or may not have even liked.

I wasn’t sure how she would cope with the change, or the teachers and the different style of dance.

We decided to try Nadia’s Performance Studio in 2007. The reception we both received from the Teachers, Students and Parents was very welcoming.

I have seen a great improvement from my daughter in the past 12 months. I can now see what a true performer is. I couldn’t imagine that I would see it in such a short period of time.

She has become more confident in her dancing, she loves dancing more now, then ever.

I’m glad we made the move and we chose the dance school that can bring the best in my daughter

Thanks Nadia”

- Michelle Vella


“In 2007 my 5 year old daughter wanted to do dancing and some friends recommended Nadia’s Performance Studio at Wetherill Park as being a great studio.  They were right!  Nadia’s Performance Studio has been everything my daughter and I were looking for.

The classes and routines are fun, exciting and progressive.  Parents can clearly see their child develop in their skills and confidence. Students are encouraged and given many opportunities to develop and demonstrate their skills throughout the year.

The principal Miss Nadia is a talented, well organised and committed teacher.  Nadia and her teachers are very professional, friendly, encouraging and approachable.  If you need dance equipment, you can buy everything you need from Vicky at the studio.

Students are always encouraged and recognised at the studio. The Presentation Night was a wonderful night. Students received their trophies, encouragement awards and exam results.  Every student was made to feel special. Students and their families also enjoyed a great meal and entertainment.

My friends and family were amazed with the outstanding production of the end of year concert at the Riverside Theatre.  My husband described the concert as being the most professional and enjoyable concert he had ever seen.    

My daughter loves dancing at Nadia’s and can’t wait for dancing to start in 2008.”

- Diane Pizzin


”I am a parent of one of the dancers that attend Nadia's Performance Studio, Since the studio opened in January 2004. As a parent you worry about a new studio starting with such a young teacher, how it will be? When the studio opened there were only 25 pupils learning modern and tap. Within two years the studio grew so much that it had to move to larger premises, by then Nadia had enrolled about 100 pupils.

This was due to the new lessons that were available, in 2006 Nadia's Performance Studio offered Ballet, Tap, Modern, Drama, Private and Group Singing, Funk, all these lessons have professional teachers and are taught from R.A.D. Ballet and F.A.T.D. syllabus and over the years the studio has competed and always achieved excellent results in all categories.

Now in 2008, Nadia's Performance Studio has grown in numbers again to over 200 pupils and introducing new lessons which include, Piano, Acrobatics, Hip-hop, boys and adult Dance classes and also Showbiz Kidz casting agency. This is all taught and co-ordinator by the principal of the studio which happens to be Miss Nadia Vella, the young teacher who has shown that with lots of study, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm has made her studio one of the best performance studios in the western suburbs.”