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All students participating in grade work classes must wear the Studio leotard. 

The Nadia’s studio singlet, may be worn to all other dance classes.

Correct dance shoes must be worn to every class.

Ballet stockings or socks must be worn in Ballet.

Pre-primary and Primary students all must wear the Studio leotard and purpl

Hair must be tied back in all dance classes; in a bun for all Ballet classes.e skirt.

Drama/Singing- any casual clothing may be worn.

Dance Cirque - Leggings must be worn.

Contemporary- shoes to be taken off.

Studio Tracksuit is the preferred over-dress to and from the Studio and to all external performances.

In cold weather, cross-overs may be worn over the leotard.

READY SET DANCE & BALLET classes must wear the pink and blue Ready Set Uniform.

Little Monkeys - Little Monkeys t-shirt and leggings must be worn.


All uniform items are to be purchased from Nadia's Performance Studio.